Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Purchases

It was an exciting shopping month! I had one disaster-prompted purchase, a 2 a.m. shoe shopping spree, and added to my neon accessory collection.

Forever 21

While my car was parked in the lower level of the Downtown Plaza earlier this month, the vehicle a few spaces down caught fire. The area filled with acrid smoke and I wasn’t allowed to return to my car until it cleared. Since I had finished my business in the area, I had nothing left to do but shop Forever 21.

1. Floral chambray shirt, $24.80.


I ended up on the Seychelles site during a search for a high-heeled, non-wedge, saltwater-style sandal. I found my shoe and two other pairs.

2. On the Floor in Melon, $95.00.
3. Just an Illusion in Teal and Yellow, $75.99.
4. Strike a Chord in Off White and Black, $90.00

I can't really explain the odd time of day for my purchases. All I can say is I'm a very light sleeper and playing with my phone helps me fall back asleep after I'm inevitably woken up each night. The shoe shopping probably wasn't the most soporific activity; I was a little high after spending that much money on shoes at once.


5. Capsule by Cara earrings, $7.48.

May total: $293.27

Total spending for the year: $888.69

Remaining 2014 budget: $911.31.


Unknown said...

Very cute stuff!

Lorena said...

Now, that's the BEST excuse ever for shopping at F21 - my fave purchase was the Seychelles shoes. Just gorgeous.