Friday, September 26, 2014

In the Wild

When it’s just me and the tripod, I’m less bold about my photo locations. I prefer somewhere little traveled, even if it’s borderline sketchy. I think this location used to be a Walmart. Now, it’s a seldom used event center. According to the posted signs, it’s under video surveillance.

"Hi!!!!!! I’m glad you’re watching in case some slasher hobo is lurking around the corner. I may be dead, but at least no one saw me taking my own picture (except whomever reviews this footage)."

Dress, Diane Von Furstenburg (consignment). Vest, AC-3998 (cut from thrifted jacket). Shoes, Prabal Gurung for Target. Brooch, thrifted. Bag, SheBoBo.


maryeb said...

I never would have guessed your location was an abandoned Walmart. It makes a great, neutral backdrop for a photo. Although, it's tough to beat a pretty fountain surrounded by greenery.

The vest looks great with the zebra print. I like denim blue and black as a color combo.
Thanks for sharing!

C said...

three or four times when we were hiking, we came upon people taking fashion photos- always in parks, and always in some unusual spots. It is pretty amusing to watch and even being fashion blog-savy, I had to gawk a little. In each instance, there were several people trying to stage the shots and to get the natural elements (trees, big rocks, waves) composed just right.