Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Lost Outfit

I’ve already worn this outfit once, but the images were stolen along with the camera from the trunk of my car. On the bright side, I get to wear this outfit again and no one is the wiser! (Except for everyone I saw in real life. And everyone who actually reads the text on this blog.)

Hat, Charlotte Russe. Shirt, Express (consignment). Dress, Jones New York. Shoes, Two Lips. Belt, Gap. Bag, Merona.

I wasn’t wearing a hat last time. And Jasper wasn’t present for the photo session. Both elements make these pictures so much better than the first set.


Lorena said...

Awww that last shot is just so perfect !

DressUpNotDown said...

OH this outfit is just so alive! Glad you got to wear it again. :o)


Red said...

Grrrr, I despise thieves. So sorry about the loss of your camera! I hope you found a cool upgrade...and I love this outfit! Black and white with a bright accent color is such a winner and those shoes=awesome. Jasper is adorable. :-)

C said...

creepy about your camera...this outfit is way too mixed prints for farmer + zebra, but it looks about right for you, on the edge of reality. Jasper looks cute, but his brown eyes are the only real brown in the mix.