Sunday, October 19, 2014

Family Portrait

The dogs have totally stolen the show here. I give up.

Dress, Jovovich Hawk for Target. Leggings, Amour. Boots, Ariat. Sunglasses, Girlprops. Bag, Nine West. Necklace, vintage.

If you’re still reading and not dead on the floor from cuteness overload, I’ll make the following comments: 1. This dress transitions well from classy event to dog walks at the mall. 2. I got my hair styled at the aforementioned classy event and love it!


Unknown said...

Oh, are you in these photos? look great, love the hair, but those adorable.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit, I didn't even notice your hair was different once I saw the dogs. Glad you mentioned it, because it looks nice!


Sheila said...

I love the hair!

Anonymous said...

Your doggies are gorgeous! Does the puppy have different coloured eyes, like David Bowie?

maryeb said...

Can never have too much cuteness. Thanks for sharing the spotlight with your babies.
Your hair looks adorable!!

Kasmira said...

Yes! One dark brown one icy blue eye.