Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Washed Suede Skirt

I took your advice and washed this suede skirt in my machine, on gentle, with cold water and Woolite. I hung it to dry. (Drying took three days!) It’s a little stiffer than it used to be, but otherwise unharmed. And the food stains are gone. Success!

Sweater, thrifted. Shirt, Christopher & Banks (thrifted). Skirt, Ann Taylor (thrifted). Tights, gift. Boots, Sofft (consignment). Sunglasses, Girlprops. Earrings, street fair. Bag, Nicole Lee.

And, a backlog of 365 photos:

Doggies’ first bark box. Jackson looking all grown up. Modeling for our Wella Intermix. How to Meditate With Your Dog.


Sheila said...

Cool, glad that worked for your skirt! I put my suede in the dryer (on delicate) but only if the lining is polyester (the dryer does bad things to acetate linings). That softens it up and tightens it up too (which could be a bad thing, lol!).

Love the hair and your dogs are so lovely! Putting in my official request for cat pictures! I haven't seen your kitties in forever!

Lorena said...

Yeah I knew i'd work :)
and its so true what Sheila says, where have your cats gone ?

Kasmira said...

I'm rarely home in the daylight, and cat pictures are no good in the dark. Guess I'll have to make an effort on the weekends!

Anonymous said...

Wow all those turquoise pieces with the neutrals made an amazing outfit! It suits you perfectly and i'm loving your fringe :)

Chrysta @ LiveAndLoveWork.com said...

A suede brush will soften it up!