Friday, February 02, 2007

Not Frumpy

Black silk blend shrug, INC. Black, cowl neck tank, Apt 9. Plaid skirt, Petite Sophisticate (thrifted). Black boots, Colin Stuart. Earrings with blue beads, World Market.

I wore this skirt last month and hated the outfit. I think I’ve done much better this month.

Today's outifit works better because:
1. Pointy toe boot elongates the leg.
2. Monochromatic layers elongate the torso.
3. Deep cowl neck elongates the neck.

January’s outfit didn’t work because:
1. Round toe shoe made legs look stumpy.
2. Horizontal lines created by cameo choker and strip of pale blue shirt (below cardigan) disrupt the body’s line.
3. Strip of pale blue shirt highlights widest part of the body (hips!)


Denial Renae said...

Did you have the skirt shortened as well? It looks shorter in the 2nd photo

Anonymous said...

I looove the boots :)
And the skirt is looking so feminine on you. Lovely pose. Nice earrings w. matching colors...

But I would like to see something around your neck... there is too much skin. Maybe a small scarf, or a necklace...

Thanx for sharing this...


Kasmira said...

Denial Renae: The skirt length is the same. I think it just looks shorter in the second photo because of the pose.

Natasha: I have some sort of aversion to wearing a necklace AND earrings. Not sure what it is, but I feel over done. A scarf is a nice suggestion, though!

Anonymous said...

I would like to lick those boots and sniff your pantyhosed feet

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

This outfit looks like day and night with the previous one. It is 10 times better, at least. But the skirt seems shorter this time, did you hem it?