Thursday, February 08, 2007

Working the Hourglass

Gray Sweater, De Rotchild (thrifted). Wine velvet dress, New York & Company. Wide black belt, Xhilaration. Black herringbone leggings, Forever 21, over black tights, Danskin. Black, round-toe slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Silver hoops with jet beads, Liz Clairborne.

I have a triangular body shape – narrow upper body and wide hips (“birthing hips”). I’ve always hated my body shape and longed to be an hourglass instead. Well, thanks to all the folks at Wardrobe Remix, I’ve learned to fake an hourglass with blousy tops and a cinched waist. I feel like Elizabeth Taylor!

I suppose I should also thank Charlotte Russe for teaching me how to handle the excess length on this sort of belt. Last time I wore it, I used my work ID to clip the leftover length to my waist. Then, at Charlotte Russe, I saw a similar belt cinched around a dummy’s waist. The dresser had pulled the excess back through the buckle to make a faux bow. Chic!

(Did everyone but me already know this trick?)


Londyn said...

That is such a great tip! I hate dealing with the excess length on those big waist belts!

Anonymous said...

I have a belt like this but in bronze. I can't figure out what you did. I have been messing around with mine, but can't seem to get it to look like yours. What exactly did you do?

Kasmira said...

Hi, I put the belt on like normal, then I fed the tail BACK THRU the buckle, but not all the way. So, the piece on the left is doubled, but the piece on the right is now the tail. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Gosh you look fabulous Kasmira , you do not know me but I love vintage fashions and seeing the hourglass look been worn keep up the good work.