Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Perfect Blue Sweater Vest

White blouse, Mossimo. Blue sweater vest, Karen Scott. Gray, wool flannel pants, Express. Black, round-toe slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Faux pearl necklace with medallion, Newport News.

I’ve wanted a sweater vest in just this shade of blue for over two years. Back in Fall 04, sweater vests weren’t quite popular yet. When they finally did come into style, I couldn’t find one the right size and color. (They all seemed to be too big and patterned.) Now that the trend has probably passed, I’ve found one (for only $6 at Macy’s). It’s a good thing I don’t care for trends.

By the way, there is no breeze in the den (where I took this picture). My tousled locks are due to bed head and static. I love winter!

1 comment:

Anne said...

that looks great. all you need is some paparazzi!