Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Volume on Volume

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Innerwear (center and right): Black and white tweed trapeze jacket, Apostrophe. Orange dress, The Limited. Black tights, Danskin. Black patent maryjanes, Xhilaration. Cinnabar earrings, Into the Fray.
Outerwear (left): Velvet scarf, souvenir from Holland. Black velvet ruched gloves, TJ Maxx. Giant black bag, Wilson’s Leather. Roses umbrella, Skymall.

I wore a voluminous jacket over a voluminous dress, but I didn’t feel lost in fabric. I think the trick was that my ankles, calves, and wrists (my three slimmest features) were clearly visible. It also helps that the dress is swingy and clingy, so that my shape is defined when I move.

This is the giant black bag I take to work with me every day. It’s big enough to hold my gym clothes, lunch (as if I ever take lunch!), and all the other things I can’t live without while away from home. I bought it three years ago from the Wilson’s Leather Outlet. One of the leather handles tore this summer and I had both of them replaced at a luggage repair shop. Now it’s good as new!

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Londyn said...

love the black tights and mary janes. they make the outfit!