Monday, October 22, 2007

Flight Attendant

Plum shirt, New York & Co. Green Pucci-esque scarf, Gap(?) Gray skirt, Moda International. Lime green pumps, Colin Stuart. Circular gold-tone brooch, thrifted. Gold watch Raymond Weil.

I feel a little like a flight attendant today. Actually, I get that vibe anytime I tie a short kerchief around my neck. I wouldn’t make it as a stewardess on even the shortest flight in these heels, though!

The purple and green combination was inspired by Fashion Lady’s ensemble last week. She isn’t wearing a green scarf, but the lampshade behind her (at chest height) gave me the scarf inspiration

Close up of the Pucci-esque scarf:


Kitty Couture said...

Love your scarf! And the plum shirt. You look so fresh and crisp.

Anonymous said...

Great blouse!! I like that you do affordable pieces but still look like a million buck.