Monday, October 01, 2007

The Wrong Colors

Cropped green jacket, Moda International. Cream lace blouse, H&M (swapped). Pink tank, Banana Republic (thrifted). Khaki skirt, B. Moss (thrifted). Green peeptoe pumps, Wet Seal. Earrings with shell paillettes, Claire’s Boutique.

I forgot that we were supposed to wear Bengals' colors (orange and black) and bring food to work today because of some big game. Oops. I’m pretty sure the opposing team (whoever it may be) doesn’t sport pink and green, so my faux pas is minimized.


Gina said...

Lovely! Those shoes are fantastic. May I ask a personal question? I'm going to check your archives to see how you dress for the weekends. I think my style is similar enough to your style that it would inspire me. However, how do you go about feeling and looking stylish on the weekends? this is difficult for me. Too often, if I'm too casual, I feel like a tossed together frump!

Kasmira said...

Gina - take a look at the archives.

I don't always wear post-worthy outfits on the weekends because I often spend them doing grubby work - like cleaning or gardening or building sets. If my hubby and I go out, I do try to wear something fun.

If you search the "casual" tag, you should get all the weekend outfits (at least, all those recorded since I transitioned to the "new" blogger).

SHOEGAL said...

Fab shoes! Where do you work that you had to dress to support the Bengali football team?!

Kasmira said...

I work in downtown Cincinnati. Our football team is the Bengals.

Drea said...

I love those shoes. Http://

The Mighty Lex said...

I love, love, love your various styles. and precious wide eyed expressive smile. I was looking for some Asian texture inspiration when I stumbled across you in your China Doll outfit. Again, you were just precious!

Cincinnati is lucky to have such a plucky and fashion forward sprite to cheer up the scenery.

cheers for random beauty!!!

~ Lex W., San Diego, CA