Friday, November 30, 2007

Plaid Swing

Gray/red/white/orange tartan swing coat, No Boundaries. Orange sweater vest and black sweater, Merona. Dark denim, Express. Orange slingbacks, Gianni Bini (borrowed from Fashion Lady). Brass bangle, World Market.

Honestly, I need another blazer like I need a hole in the head. Furthermore, I do not need to buy any more trendy swing blazers. But this one was so cute and only $25 at Walmart. And I just swapped away a blazer to Shivaya, so I’m not really adding to my wardrobe. (Shivaya sent me these bangles for the blazer.)

I’m wearing mismatched socks today, but I doubt anyone will notice.


Anonymous said...

Blue toes! You're like me: I buy blazers far, far too often-- and then always wear the same ones!

Lia Hollander said...

Wow! A pedicure in the winter! I am impressed!

Gervy said...

Can't believe that blazer was only $25, and from Walmart! It looks very stylish and very expensive! Clever shopping.

Laura said...

very cute, but my fave part is the toe color. Reminds me that I was planning on getting a pedi this weekend!

BTW, you've inspired me and I'm starting my own version of wiw2d. I hope it will force me to actually take the time to dress well everyday rather than throwing on the first thing I see (which isn't always so bad!). I start Monday - wish me luck!

Erika said...

love the blue polish nice finishing touch

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog looking for a picture of khaki slacks. English is my second language, therefore I check out pics to find unknown words. Now I can use your site as a garment dictionary. =D

Thank you!