Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leopard and Coral

Cream blazer, Apostrophe. Coral blouse, Worthington. Leopard scarf (through belt loops). Trouser jeans, Express. Brown booties, Style & Co. Beaded necklaces, Body Central.

I struggle with incorporating this blazer into outfits. The color seems so formal. I’ve only worn it three times before. How have you liked it best(montage and poll below)? (And, yes, in the second picture, I am wearing two different boots!)

Click for a larger image.

How have you liked the cream blazer best?
Emerald and Cream
Mismatched Boots
Over Casual
Leopard and Coral
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Melody said...

Love this outfit. The pink with just a touch of leopard print is genius!

Anonymous said...

Those jeans are perfect!

Anonymous said...

I like your cream jacket paired best with jeans. I think it looks less formal when you don't button it.

You look great in this!

Unknown said...

I can't vote. This little jacket looks great each time. It's cute and fresh.

Alexandra said...

You've just inspired me to wear my own leopard scarf as a belt for jeans. I bought it over a year ago and never actually figured out a way to wear it yet.

laniza said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it! This whole outfit is so cool (I love leopard print so you're giving me a lot of great ideas)!