Thursday, December 20, 2007


Burgundy velvet jacket, Cami. Black top and gray tulip skirt, Moda International. Patterned tights, Merona. Black pumps, Bandolino. Metal and enamel earrings, World Market.

I’ve long been enamoured with all things Indian. I think it started with the food, but has since expanded to include the music, art, textiles, fashions, culture, literature, and the movies. I haven’t seen many Bollywood films, but that’s only because I’m restricted to the Blockbuster brick and mortar store and they aren’t carried there. Instead, I get my Bollywood fix through repeated viewings of The Guru (which I own) and my Best of Bollywood CD.

Today, this is my nod to India: metal and enamel earrings and a Nehru jacket.


Anonymous said...

i love your blog! It helps me to see the creativity waiting to happen in my own closet. You always know how to rock out with patterned tights.
I am still in my black/gray/brown, but want to branch out. Almost all my work clothes are black (ugh, I know) but I don't know what to do.
I have pretty sweaters, but black pants, black A-line skirts, black pencil skirts.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Thank you!

Kasmira said...


You might want to check out my Color Yourself Happy post for strategies on incorporating more color into your wardrobe.

Once you've got the color, you can also find innovative ways to wear it by layering - see my Layer It post.

Hope I helped!


WendyB said...

Great earrings and color combo.

Anonymous said...

I love these earrings! Where did you find them?

Kasmira said...

I bought them at World Market last year....but I think I saw them again just a few weeks ago in the store.

Susan B said...

kasmira, you've got to sign up for Netflix! The number of available movies from all over the world is astounding. I'd bet they'd have all the Bollywood you could hope for.

Anonymous said...

I just started to vist your blog because recently moving here from the bollywood/lollywood area i have very little sense of whats okay for business wear. I live in the north of the states so i have to wear tights all day long. I have to ask where you buy all yours from ? and how do you decide on pattern vs textured vs plane ?

BTW your tops are really bollywood!!

Unknown said...

Love the tights and skirt!

Kasmira said...

Anon- I buy most of my tights at Target, but Sock Dreams and We Love Colors sell funky legwear online. I've ordered from Sock Dreams and the service was great.

Vintage Bunny said...

Luv the earrings !
Did you know I was Indian ?I am faceless most of the time so most people dont realise it!
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best outfits, I particularly like the tighs.

Anonymous said...

as an Indian, thank you for your nod to India.. and do you look lovely!:)
Just stumbled across your blog and I do love it..
great going :)

Anonymous said...

Kasmira, dejame decirte que eres única, me encanta tu blog porque siempre escoges la ropa mas bella para tí. Adoro las medias que te has puesto y los zapatos...Un saludo desde Lima, Peru.

Anonymous said...

To funny, I wore the same tights today. Have to love Target and their tights. Your style is second to none.

Anonymous said...

I Love this outfit! the patterned tights look very beautiful. i love the silver trim across the skirt.

this skirt also shows that little booty bump you got going on!