Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice

Black cowl-neck, tunic sweater, H&M. Dark jeans, Express. Leopard obi, Sugadaminka (via ebay). Brown booties, Style & Co. Headband, Claire’s. Drop earrings with brown crystals, Express.

(The thing behind my head is a hanging lamp. I should take it down next time I use this background for photos.)

I’m afraid I won’t be posting regularly, if at all, until the new year. Happy Solstice! (Which, by the way, is today.)

*Edited to add: I'm an idiot! The Solstice is tomorrow, on December 22.


Anonymous said...

You look great as usual!!! Have a safe and wonderful Xmas!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I'm hoping for a weekend update, I'll be nobody knows how to dress up sweats and grubbies like you do!

Vicki said...

Have a great Christmas and an even better new year. Thanks for all the pics during the year!!!

Alexandra said...

Chic outfit!

Happy holidays!

విలేఖరి said...
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