Monday, December 10, 2007

Secondhand Jewelry

Brown shrug, Express. Red oxford bodysuit, Moda International. Striped skirt, George (thrifted). Brown boots, Nine West. Cameo earrings and love/joy/hope pendant, thrifted.

I got the thrifting bug late last week and indulged on Saturday. I didn’t find much in the clothing department (but this skirt). I went nuts in the jewelry case, though. My favorite find is this pendant. Normally, I wouldn’t wear something so maudlin, but I liked the overall design so much I found I could overcome the nausea induced by the trite charms (“hope” bird, “love” hearts, and the word “joy”). I later discovered that the ornaments can be easily removed (I think the pendant was designed as charm holder), but I sort of like the irony. (Not that I'm not hopeful, joyful, or loving. I just have a strong aversion to advertising my softer side.) Next thing you know, I’ll be wearing sweatshirts silkscreened with images of fluffy kittens and socks embellished with puffy clown faces.

A couple years ago, inspired by a ring my mother-in-law give me, I went crazy for cameos. While I didn’t buy many, I spent hours online browsing through cameo jewelry. I ended up with a choker from eBay and a pendant from I found these earrings at the Village Discount Outlet on Pippin. They were only a few bucks.


Anonymous said...

You are too cute for mere mortal words...

Caren said...

Just wanted to say that I very much enjoy your blog. Love your sense of style, love the colors you put together, and I enjoy the text as well. Thanks for making the effort--it's one of my favorite spots on the web.

shelbi said...

very much am inspired by this beautiful blog and recently i have found myself in a deep love affair with cameos myself...i have a slew of them still waiting to be updated in my shop :)