Monday, February 04, 2008

Feb Fifties

Gray cardigan, Wet Seal. Pink, cowl-neck tank, NY & Co. Black, pin-striped pants and ivory resin bracelet, Forever 21. Black pumps, Bandolino. Necklace, thrifted.

Wow. It’s February and it’s in the 50’s. Let us all rejoice.

This outfit demonstrates the vagaries of women’s sizing. The sweater is size Large, the tank, Extra Small, and the pants, Medium. Granted, some of the discrepancies are due to juniors vs. misses branding, but it’s still annoying.

Today’s photograph was brought to you by my new REMOTE CONTROL. I’m very excited for the freedom this will bring me to photograph myself with different backgrounds. In the past, I had to find an object on which I could focus the camera, set the timer, and then I’d jump in the frame next to the object. (Inside, this is usually a wall, and outside, the deck railings.) Still, the focus was never perfect and the exposure was sometimes difficult. Now I’m tack sharp – not that you really notice in these little photos.

I’m going to give the remote control a workout later today. I ran out the door this morning before I got to take a picture of my new vintage coat. The indoor lighting wouldn’t have properly highlighted the cream jacquard anyway. I plan to take some al fresco pictures of it this evening, using the remote. Gotta love 50 degree weather in February!

(This picture also brought to you by remote control – although I was usually able to reach the self timer while remaining in the frame for my detail shots)


Anonymous said...

Off topic - just notice the new profile pic: Where, oh dear God, where, did you get a Cat Butt air freshener?

Anonymous said...

pink is your color! it looks really good on you :)

Gervy said...

Stunning necklace. What a clever thrifter you are!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous necklace.

And I hate womens sizing - the UK is a nightmare for it.

Some shops I can slink into a UK size 10, and in others I can struggle into a snug-fitting size 14!

How are we even supposed to know what size we truly are? (I'll stick with the smallest, thanks!)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love this outfit on u.
u appears much taller n slimmer.
2 thumbs up!!

Kasmira said...

My sister bought the air freshener for me for Christmas. She got it at a store called Fuego at the Clackamas Town Centre in Beaverton, Oregon.