Friday, February 22, 2008

So Many Colors

…so little time.

Brown velvet jacket, F.A.N.G. Green tee, Forever 21. Hot pink tank, Banana Republic (thrifted). Printed skirt, George. Brown tights. Brown boots, Nine West. Gold clustered drops earrings, thrifted.

By now, you’ve learned that I have almost NO self control when it comes to color. I love bright shades and I’m an unrepentant matcher. So, you can imagine the sorts of tics and tremors a skirt like this induces in my creative center. It’s got fuchsia, coral, yellow, green, and khaki! I want to accessorize it with every single one of these colors and all at once. So far, I’ve created a number of eye-bleeding outfits with this skirt. When I paired it with lime green and hot pink, one commentor speculated that I might have been dressing drunk. How have you liked it best so far?

Which outfit featuring this George skirt is your favorite?
Curtain Skirt
Orange and Cream
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Anonymous said...

I've noticed you wear garments from Moda International and jewelry from Body Central fairly often. I'm not familiar with those brands. Where do you find them?

Love the skirt and all the ways you've worn it. How fun!

Kasmira said...

Moda International is one of Victoria Secrets' clothing lines. I order online at

Body Central is an inexpensive clothing store in the malls here...but I've also recieved their catalog in the mail, so you may be able to order online.

Anonymous said...

I love when you wear so much color, especially since you manage to do it while still looking polished and professional.

Anonymous said...

I like today's outfit best. I think this skirt is difficult because of all the white in the background but you always manage to make it look great!

Anonymous said...

I think the orange and cream is the best, but maybe because I am boring. I like that outfit because it really allows the skirt to be the attention; the rest of the outfit doesn't compete but compliments.

Anonymous said...

I love the brown boots and brown tights together. When are you going to get new black boots??

Anonymous said...

This looks like a summer skirt. I would say you should only wear this skirt in the spring or summer when you can accessorize it with lighter colors. The brown and bright colors look too heavy with this mostly white skirt.

cathy reed said...

Guess what. I'm sure you know me by now...and I am sorry, truly. But come on, you are asking for it.
First off, its the skirt. It is so gross. It has got to be old navy. Seriously cheap fabric. Thank you for no close ups of it . You got a lot going on. Too much. I'd call your basic look, "Bag Lady Chic".
If I saw you in public, I'm older now so I wouldn't laugh out loud, but simply look at the ground as to not give away my feelings. My 4 year old has more fashion sense than you..and this is TRUE! He knows his fabrics and the right cut for a sleeve for goodness sake! Anyway, keep trying I guess. But maybe study up a bit on classic fashion. That might help. and also you could read "How Luxury lost its Luster." That would be a good start to just get yourself familiar with the industry, and a friend happens to be quoted in the book."

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your enthusiasm for colour. You are willing to try ensembles which would push so many people way out of their comfort zones. Some outfits work better than others but I think you look fantastic and must bring colour and good vibes to the world around you.

Anyway, I love the skirt. I would have said it is best suited to spring/summer. However, your last picture combining the jacket and boots looks fine for the season despite the fact the skirt is white.

I'm sorry the last comment was so unpleasant. Cathy must spend a lot of time with her eyes fixed to the floor, if she thinks you have 'fashion issues.'

Anyway great stuff. You have given me 'food for fashion thought.'