Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Thursday Bites the Dust

Blazer, Forever 21. Cami, Cuddleduds. Skirt, Eddie Rodriguez. Obi-style belt, Sugadaminka (via ebay). Slingbacks, Audrey Brooke. Earrings, swap. Pendant, Ali’s Boutique. Bag, Prague (thrifted). Ring, Silpada. Sunnies, Walgreen’s.

Damn, for a four-day work week, it’s passing awfully slowly. I spent the day thinking it was Friday and disappointing myself when I remembered it’s only Thursday.

Perhaps I can ease some of my malaise with a poll. I bought this horribly overpriced skirt at the Eddie Rodriguez store in Las Vegas, summer of 2004. Then, someone told me they saw a very similar skirt at Old Navy. I try to wear it as much as possible to ease the sting of paying twice as much as I should have.

How have you liked the Eddie Rodriguez skirt best?
Back to Boots
Lucky How-To
Gray Friday
If I Were a Teacher
Step Right Up
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Kim said...

The "short" week seemed long as hell to me too. I don't get it.
I voted for grey day, but I like back to boots too, mostly because I'm going to foray back into wearing boots with skirts this fall/winter. I don't know what's stopped me the last few years - this is one of my favorite looks.

Jane said...

I voted for lucky how-to, although it was a tough choice.
I don't know how much you spent but it always looks good, especially with that obi belt.

Kasmira said...

The obi was only $15 (Australian dollars)

Anonymous said...

I think the belt in gray friday made you look wide. I voted for Step right up. I love that red/white/blue theme with the nipped in waist.

Leslie said...

This week seemed neverending to me as well! I really like this look today! This one and the tall boots and black jacket are my favorite.

CharmCityChica said...

Definitely "Another Thursday Bites the Dust"

Carrie (