Saturday, October 18, 2008

Most Commented of Year Two

Thank you to all the readers who leave comments. As my readership has increased, so have the number of comments. Some are simply too kind and others are not so nice (I’ll save a special post for those!) Since I disabled anonymous comments though, even the critical comments have become constructive. I can’t tell you what a thrill it is when I check my mail and see a new comment waiting for me.

I give you the ten most commented outfits of Year Two:

Classy Lady, 6/10/2008. Twenty-six of you weighed in on this one, with love for the skirt, shoes, and bag. I don’t think of my style as classic, but when I dress that way (with a bit of a Kasmira twist, like the yellow shoes), you sure seem to like it!

Look At Me, 9/23/2008. This outfit is SO me. One, clashing patterns. Two, bright colors. Three, excessive matchiness. I don’t apologize for any of it.

New Yellow Shoes, 9/17/2008. I couldn’t go for long without yellow pumps. I held on to the old pair, bringing the decrepit heels out when I just couldn’t stand it, until I found a replacement. Not only were you happy to see the new yellow shoes enter my wardrobe, but you had lots of love for the purple and yellow combination in this outfit. The funny thing is, I said back in October 2007 that purple and mustard yellow look great together, but that I couldn’t wear these colors. Guess I changed my mind!

Holly Golightly, 9/19/2008. This is probably MY favorite outfit of Year 2. I felt so incredibly fabulous in it. Best of all, it was quite inexpensive. The dress was free, the shoes were from the 15 Dollar Store, and the purse was ancient (bought at the Camp Foster PX in Okinawa). The necklace was probably the most pricey item, at around $20 from Newport News.

Blue Shoes, 8/1/2008. Between the new (free) shoes and the picture of me from my hippie days (wearing blue, clog-style Birkenstocks), 21 readers had something to say. And did you notice I’m wearing this tulip skirt again? As I mentioned in the flickr recap, I rarely have a bad outfit day when I’m wearing it.

Mostly Cloudy, 7/8/2008. I found people to help me get in and out of the dress on this day. (I needed help with the zipper at midday, too, when changing for my workout.)

Summer Mixers: Purple and Spice, 6/2/2008. And the hate mail begins. I posted this outfit before I disabled anonymous comments. Anonymous did not like the green shoes or the color mix, but I have not a single regret about this outfit. I liked it then, I like it now, and some of you liked it too! Each June, In Style does an outfit spread featuring color combinations that fit a summery theme. This was the second June in which I used it as an inspiration. I hope the magazine continues the feature, because I will certainly continue to use it as an inspiration.

Tribal, 7/23/2008. This outfit ushered in a whole new era of pattern mixing for me. I’d always had trouble wearing my obi belts because I thought I had to pair them with an otherwise simple, and pattern-less, outfit. Once I got over that, my belts came out to play more often.

Jeweled, 2/1/2008. Of the nineteen comments, a couple were off track (asking for advice on a job interview outfit and notifying me that my picture was all over a forum thread on women wearing plaid). The rest of you, though, responded with enthusiasm for the color combination. It’s one I’ve repeated more than once.

Arctic Circle, 2/28/2008. Anyone remember Cathie Reed? This is just one of many outfits she left me hate mail on. She only visited for a few days before the rest of you scared her off. Many thanks to those readers who left comments in my defense. Although I appreciate constructive criticism, I can’t say I miss her much!

These results are skewed towards the latter half of Year Two, probably due to increased readership. (My readers tripled over the course of the year.) However, since the flickr favorites seemed to all fall in the first half of the year, I figure that, betwixt the two, you get a good sampling of the most exciting outfits of Year Two.


estrella said...

Rude, unconstructive comments appear when your blog becomes popular. It's a common thing, and they are known as "trolls". Just ignore them if it happens again, they mean nothing!

WendyB said...

I love "jeweled"!

WendyB said...

P.S. It's hilarious that that Cathy Reed's blog is all full of God babble. Maybe God sent her to annoy you for a brief time.

Katy said...

Oooh, great compilation of outfits! I especially love Blue Shoes and Mostly Cloudy.

L said...

I adore this blog. You really inspire me to break out of my usual all black wardrobe. Thanks to you I recently mixed navy and black and felt confident about my choices. Laura

mc said...

I'm a guy who stumbled on your blog tonight and I really like it. You are certainly a gorgeous lady with great style. Terrific use of color and your wide belts look amazing.

You look stunningly sexy in a tie. My advice to maximize your allure when you wear one is to keep it snugly knotted, unroll your shirtsleeves to button your cuffs, and match your shoes with your shirt or tie. A form-fitting, dressy, button-down vest would also be a major eye-catcher. Then be sure to wear a skirt with this for a nice combo of rigidity and femininity.

Also I'm wondering what your typical heel height is. May I gently suggest hiking it a half-inch or so in some cases? You'll be even more mesmerizing.

Hope you don't mind those minor suggestions. Obviously you know what you're doing fashion-wise and I look forward to more beautiful photos. Thanks.

Kim said...

Out of morbid curiosity, I had to check out Cathy's comments and blog too - I was shocked at the nastiness. I guess that means you've hit the big time when your OUTFITS have the ability to inspire such strong opinions in someone. I felt like leaving her a nasty comment just for fun, then thought, nah, not worth it. I'm glad she went back into Poopville or wherever she came from. I'm looking forward to some good posts now that it's cold out again!

myrubyslippers said...

I don't know which is my MOST favourite outfit because there's so many of them which I like! Some of which were not featured in this post. You definitely have inspired me to be be more "creative" in choosing my daily outfit. Thanks Kasmira!

mad-scientist said...

this post is cool!
i think my fav outfit from this list of yours is the purple+black+yellow combo; and the patten mixing one, black+leopard belt+pink shoes. thats damn cool!
all the other ones are damn good too, in your usual inimitable style :)
ok - now, don't be mad - but (in my humble opinion) - the pink + orange + white + teal(is it?) is just overkill - i found the combo to be a bit weird.