Monday, March 16, 2009

Stay Home Day

Sweatshirt, Mossimo. Pants, Ecko Red (patched by me). Clogs, Sloggers. Hat, bet you can’t guess. Garden gloves, Kroger.

I stayed home today to work on the yard. But first, I walked four miles home from Target because I missed the bus. In my pajamas. Because I didn’t plan to miss the bus and they didn’t look too pajama-y and, my goodness, have you seen what the other people are wearing on the bus around here? Still, I upgraded my outfit for the yard work. In fact, I just ironed these patches on the knees this morning. Hot, huh?


Victoria said...

Wow! Now that's a crazy gardening outfit. But, you'll be safe from any passing-by hunters. :)

Hey, do you ever shop at Tulle? :

They have a lot that looks like your style- you seem to like structured pieces and poppy color. Just fyi.

Stephanie N. said...

Do you mean to tell me that you don't do your gardening in pearls and high heels? ;-)

Keely said...

I'm just vaguely curious as to why you were out shopping in your pyjamas, lol. Have to say that your gardening clothes are a darn sight nicer than mine! Cool patches!

Kasmira said...

Victoria - I do browse that website from time to time. I own one Tulle item, but I bought it at a boutique in Cinci. Tulle stuff is super cute!

Keely - well....I actually went to return my rental car in my pajamas and then tried to catch the bus at the nearby Target. I did shop a bit, but shopping wasn't my reason for being out.

Anne said...

I want to see these pajamas, 'cause I don't know any pj's that I'd leave the house in!!
Not that I can imagine you looking anything but supercool anyway.

J said...

Hmmmm... Do you work for P&G?