Saturday, March 28, 2009

PUYV: Stone & Gray "All Out"

Cardigan, Takeout. Sweater, Merona. Tank, No Boundaries. Skirt, Billabong. Boots, Playhouse. Hat, Nine West. Necklace,

Accent colors: lavender, blush, peach, and sky.

In Style’s “all out” stone and gray example

In Style also lists “washed indigo” as an accent color for stone and gray. I interpret that as “denim.”

Claire wears this cardigan in season one of Heroes, when she goes to meet her mother.

The day began cool and breezy, so I tied on yesterday’s scarf for some added warmth. And the necklace matches the earrings I wore on Thursday…but I never wear them together.

Previous Stone & Gray kind of “all out” looks:

I didn’t know whether to classify these as “all out” or “medium.” You decide.


dodo said...

I don't think the Takeout cardigan look good with the blue sweater.

Alison said...

Great casual pairing. I was going to follow along with my own outfits, but got lazy. I tore out the pages in the magazine instead...hehe. I love that you are going through your archive of pictures and finding examples that match each PUYV outfit level as well. Maybe they wrote the article based on your previous pairings!

Milly said...

pretty do you tie your scarf like that?

Kasmira said...

Milly - I did a photo tutorial here:

But I've since been asked to do a video version. I plan to do so!