Monday, March 23, 2009

Pump Up Your Volume

My longest “theme week” so far was the nine day Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style series. I’m up for another nine day stretch inspired by the April In Style “Pump Up Your Volume” feature. The spread pictures three neutral combinations (Navy/White, Stone/Gray, and Khaki/Olive), recommends four accent colors for each neutral combo, and demonstrates how the accents can be added for varying levels of intensity (soft, medium, and all-out).

This will be the third time I’ve used In Style color features to inspire my wardrobe choices. (Previous In Style theme weeks were I Scream, You Scream and Summer Mixers.) Fashion magazines are a lot like home decorating magazines or cooking magazines. They’re fun to flip through in the doctor’s office, but you get the most out of them if you make an attempt at applying the principles. You don’t learn anything until you copy an outfit, try a DIY project, or cook up a new recipe.


Alison said...

Very fun, I'm going to check this issue out. I look forward to your interpretations!

dodo said...

Agree, I always learn from copying celebritie's look in magazines~

estrella said...

I never thought about that, maybe that's why I almost never buy fashion magazines! I'll have to try :)