Friday, November 27, 2009

I Don't Do Black Friday

I like a good deal, but I hate crowds. I don’t need anything for myself and I plan to make most of my holiday gifts this year, so I stayed far far away from the shopping mall.

Checkered dress and belt, Wet Seal. Orange dress, The Limited. Tights, Danskin. Boots, Diba. Cuff, Epcot Canada. Glove, Mossimo. Jacket (pictured below), Via Spiga.

Rest assured, I did not wear only one glove all day. I chose to do so in the lead photo so that you could, once again, see my awesome convertible mittens and also my almost-as-awesome leather cuff from Epcot Canada.

I needed the gloves (and down coat) out of doors. It’s suddenly cold! I even saw a snowflake or two this morning.

Don't be sad that I didn't post a picture of my outfit yesterday (Thanksgiving). I wore the same thing as today.


Kassondra DeBoer said...

Cute outfit!
Love the boots

Adele said...

I have got to try that "dress worn over another dress" look, especially combined with boots like that. (And yep, it's getting cold here in the NW too.)

Raquelita said...

I'm loving that combination! I avoided the stores, as well, and spent most of the day inside with hot tea and family.

Unknown said...

love your blog and your creativity. it's all your fault that i'm hooked on blogging! tee,hee! i kinda "borrowed" your look for my blog! it's a baby, but i'm obsessed! did you make the necklace in "a walk in the park?-or buy it, and if so, where u get? too cool!

Kasmira said...

Retro Reva - the necklace is by Zad and I got it at Pangaea on Ludlow avenue in Cincinnati.