Saturday, February 13, 2010

Of the Moment

The March issue of Lucky featured “five of-the-moment, wear-them-a-zillion-ways basics – at delightfully affordable prices.” I don’t know why…but I always contemplate lists like this and compare them to what I’ve got in my closet:

1. The Boyfriend Blazer – got it
2. The Printed Miniskirtgot it…but only in a fall/winter version
3. The Dressed Up Cardigan – I could make one with a few trimmings tacked onto a cardi I already own.
4. The Puff-Sleeved Blouse – hmmm…not really flattering on my meaty arms
5. The T-Shirt Dress – got it, but with an empire waist (and more of those awful puffed sleeves.)

After leafing through the pages, I thought I’d put trends #1 and #5 together for The Music of the Night.

Jacket, borrowed. Dress, No Boundaries. Long-sleeved tee, Mossimo. Necklaces, Target and thrifted. Tights, We Love Colors. Boots, Diba. Hat, Nine West.

Perhaps the hat was a little inappropriate for the theater, but the state of my hair was even less appropriate.

I took the outfit photos in a corner of my dining room. Below, you can see my living room fireplace mantle – and a very naughty Roy.

Thankfully, the Buddha head is a solid block of wood. It’s unlikely that the kittens can knock it over. The lamps’ days, however, are probably numbered.


Erin said...

a. You do not have meaty arms.
b. Love this look! Very comfy, yet put together.
c. Love the kitties! Even though they are very naughty.

~ Erin, The Cheap Chick

Anonymous said...

MEATY ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh you. You make me laugh. :P

Come visit me in Cali and I'll show you some meaty arms, girl.

And then come do a play with me.

Kasmira said...

Oh, boy...I'm not fishing for compliments, I promise!

I blame my big upper arms on swimming and take care in my photos to catch them at flattering angles.

Maybe they just feel meaty because I shop too much in the junior department.

Poly Glamourous said...

Cute boots!!

Diana said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only blogger who hates puffed sleeves. They're just not flattering.

This outfit came together nicely, and I love the layered necklaces.

rb said...

I think the sculpture looks better with a kitten on it. You should display it that way as often as you can.

Anonymous said...

I love every outfit I've seen you in. You, in my eyes, are one of the most beautiful, well dressed woman on the planet!

ReaderRita said...

Here's something that might help with the lamp/kitteh/shatter drama- it's something called 'Museum Putty', and you put a wad (or 20) of it under breakable items to keep them from being dislodged from their place of residence/importance. I hear it doesn't harm the surfaces it touches, but I haven't used it myself. (friend who works in a gallery has, and swears by it!) (...yeah, that's swears BY it, not AT it!)
; )
great blog btw, and love your style, wardrobe, apt., and sense of humor!
Big Fun!