Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rooting Around

I used to have long, wavy, red (colored) hair. Last June, I whacked it all off and bleached it to a white blonde. I maintained that look until October, when I decided I wanted to grow it out, leaving the roots dark, like Tieka.

This isn’t a popular look. It’s a fringe trend and the kindest way I’ve heard it described is “ombre hair.” I like it. It’s a bit edgy and definitely bold. I’m a fan of extreme hair.

The growing out process, month by month:

I’ve had trims along the way and, in December, I had the roots highlighted to break up the root line. In February (just yesterday!), I asked my stylist to cut more bangs. (My current director has repeatedly told me that my hair obscures my face on the right side.)

I’ve never been a fan of my natural color. It’s always been a blah dark blond (or is it light brown?) shade. I’m interested to see if I like it more with the contrasting ends and the random grays.

We’ll see if this experiment last past May. I may be asked to color it for my next show. I’m playing Whitney in A Piece of My Heart.


hillary said...

I was doing it and I got from July until Jan 21 and I had enough and dyed it. Mine grows SO DAMN SLOW.

Intelligent Tool said...

love the bangs. very pretty. i stopped coloring my hair a year ago. i have brown/reddish hair so it's not big deal and it's healthier! :) good luck :)

Julia said...

Growing it out would be the only way to get the blonde color out anyway, wouldn't it? That light color won't hold dye at all, or so I've heard. My sister had to grow hers all the way out, and then she went back to the that light brown, dirty blonde color and it's actually really flattering. So many models have that color.

But I love the ombre hair, too! Tieka's is really neat.


Molly said...

i love all your scarves :D

Nana Erin said...

You know what? I really like it. I hope you can stick with it. I like brave hair.

Unknown said...

I have to say I really like your hair, whether red, blonde, or ombre as you're calling it now. I had a helluva lot of my hair chopped off the other week into a short, choppy bob. For now at least I'm a short haired gal; it takes a lot less styling. But I dye my hair red too. I wanted to try out blonde, yet when I mentioned it to my hairdresser, I got told that all I would end up with was bright orange hair, which I really don't want. Yet you made the transition from redhead to blonde. Did you have any problems along the way when going blonde?

Kasmira said...

Annie - before going from box red to salon blonde, my hairdresser banned me from dye for about six months to allow the red to fade. She also had me switch shampoo and conditioner to her salon brand to "strengthen" my hair during that period.

During the bleaching, she had to add extra bleach to the dyed portions to get rid of all the red. There were no guarantees that all the red would come out or that my hair would be in good condition afterwards! Thankfully, my hair turned out to be more resilient than I thought and the color turned out beautifully.

You might want to try a color consultation with a color expert to see if you can find someone who can take you from red to blond.

The Cheap Chick said...

Oh hey! My step mom was in A Piece Of My Heart. She got to perform it in DC at a memorial service. Very cool show.

And I lurve your growing-out hair - I think is looks soft and lovely :)

Erin, The Cheap Chick

Kristen said...

I really like the darker roots peeking out. It softens your color nicely. I hope you can keep it!

Diana said...

I've been curious as to what your natural hair color is. I really like how it looks now, with the roots showing just a bit.