Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stage Glow

The incomparable Mikki Schaffner has taken some production photos of A Piece of My Heart. Do you recognize my costumes?

Stage photography is difficult. The lighting is intense and actors have this annoying tendency to move around. Next, add a very white actress with flaming red hair in a pale dress and have her stand in the hot spot of an ungelled light against a black background:

Beefy said I “glowed like an avenging angel.”

(Don’t worry, the light is now gelled and the hair should fade a bit by opening night.)

You can see all of Mikki’s terrific photos here, along with guest appearances by my cowboy and combat boots (on other people’s feet) and my white belt (around Megan’s waist).

Come see the show!


Rebecca said...

Her photos are very good. I'm involved in theater too, so I know how hard it is to get good stage photos.

Julia said...

Your man's funny :)

Adele said...

The stage lighting is excellent...very moody.

Laura said...

My first thought was "why isn't there a gel in that light??" Glad to hear that has been remedied! When do you open?