Friday, May 14, 2010

Tish Tosh

I took a break from Dirty Navy Week and wore this graphic ensemble to see Daniel Tosh perform in Dayton. Perhaps I shouldn’t have pre-gamed it with a Corona. By the time the comedian came on stage, and I’d had a “required” drink at the venue, I was ready to sleep, not laugh. Damn, I’m old.

Tunic (worn as a shirt) and belt, Wet Seal. Skirt, thrifted, shortened, and dyed. Boots, Dan Post. Zipper bracelet, Urban Outfitters. Leather cuff, Epcot Canada. Mushroom ring, Rafia & Bossa.

Further evidence of my advancing years: I was mildly offended by the skimpy outfits some of the girls were wearing to the show. I wanted to tell them, in my best granny voice, that they didn’t have to put it all out on display. But I was guilty of the same thing, myself, back in my clubbing days.


J said...

Apparently the dress code at the local high school prom was strapless dresses with short skirts. I could be wrong, but I think that's also the dress code for hookers. We're not old - we're classy.

Breezer said...

I love the black, white & yellow combo right now. Such a fun, honeybee vibe!