Wednesday, September 01, 2010

August Purchases

Second Sunday on Main
1. Leather earrings, $25

These were made by artist Monica D. She primarily makes purses, but also creates earrings from the scraps and found objects.

2. Steve Madden shoes, $38.30

I bought these to add a bit of an edge to my sweeter outfits. I didn’t realize that they were so edgy that they’d cause me to fall down stairs.

3. Olive, puff-sleeved t-shirt, $9.95
4. Striped cardigan with ruffled shoulders, $29.95

The tee is nice, but I CANNOT WAIT to wear the cardigan. It has the most over-the-top shoulder embellishments.

5. Belt, $16.50

I bought this to replace my other gray/silver stretchy belt and to wear to a wedding in September.

New York and Company
6. Olive, tiger-striped cardigan, $39.95
7. Camisole, $9.95

I was just barely over budget for August when I walked into the NY & Co at Rookwood. Most of the store bored me, but I couldn’t resist this cardigan – both for its color and pattern. And I can always use another of NY & Co's fab (if boring) camis.

Total: $169.60

Y’all talked me out of ordering the tooled leather backpack I had planned to buy in August. I need to see and touch one in person before I make my final decision.

For September, I plan to blow my budget on an expensive, red, pencil skirt. Both White House, Black Market and Talbot’s are carrying a version of this skirt for Fall.


Collette Osuna said...

GREAT purchases..and the red pencil skirt sounds pretty awesome!!

Unknown said...

Ah, Ha ! Another clutz in the mix ;)
Loving the shoes and also love the MJ wedges with the cardi on bottom :)
I have thrifted sooooo many shoes this summer i need another closet!
I passed on a pair of high-end gray suede pumps 2 months ago and STILL think about them. They were perfect and new and only 4 bucks and ........

LaToya said...

Those shoes are fab! I too want to blow the bank on a red pencil skirt. Great blog!

A said...

i like how you have a monthly budget. i blow my budget monthly because i'm a impulse buyer.

Anonymous said...

If it's the H&M cardigan I'm thinking of, I'm so jealous. I desperately wanted it for it's adorable nautical stripes and far-out layered shoulders. Alas, it looked od-gawful on me. I really wanted the red one. D;
Can't wait to see you sport it!

Jane Milton said...

Speaking of purchases, I remember a while back you were interested in buying some peacock earrings, which I remember you eventually did. I also noticed you want a peacock ring on your wish list.

Whilst these are *not* rings, I thought you might enjoy them, as it seems to me you have a penchant for peacocks:

Let me know what you think!