Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cycle Weekend - Day 1

When a mechanic told me my car needed prohibitively expensive repairs in November 2008, I gave it up. I began traveling by foot, by bus, and by bicycle instead. I even bought groceries on my bike – loading them into saddlebags and riding to and from Bigg’s on the sidewalk. (The motorists in my area are distinctly not bike-friendly.)

Lately, Beefy has spoiled me with rides in his car and my bike sat long enough to lose all air from its tires. This weekend, Beefy worked, so I had to put my lazy butt back on the bike for my weekend errands.

Cardigan, Juicy Couture (swap). Dress, Blu Heaven. Sneakers, Champion (thrifted).

On Saturday, I rode to the thrift store for pieces of the On Golden Pond mailman costume. I got lucky. And maybe I found a few things for myself, as well.


Collette Osuna said... look fabulous in this green color....perfect for bike riding..super cute shoes too!!

Love it..sylish and comfy:)

Statements in Fashion

...bill said...

awesome! probably my favorite of ur posts yet.


Jayme said...

The most awesome biker chick I ever saw!! Went thrifting for my cosume as well (wilma from scooby doo crew) hopefully everyone else in my "crew" will get their shopping done

-smatz- said...

i love that you do skirts/dresses and hoodies instead of sweats. i tried this yesterday and was so comfy (but still felt cute!).

thanks for all your great ideas, i steal them all. the. time. :)

Kelby said...

I love your outfit! Where did you get your bike tote from? It looks so spacious!!

Kasmira said...

Kelby - My bags are the M-Wave Day Tripper Double Pannier. I ordered them from Dick's Sporting Goods. They were the best deal I could find on saddlebags - only $34.99 for the pair!

Lorena said...

I have to say... My hat's off to you :)
What a decision to make and also that you have the drive to actually just get on the bike and get things done.
Thumbs up.