Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arabian Nights

Today’s outfit puts me in mind of an Arabian garden. The walls and fountain are of an ornate, Moorish design. Peacocks roam the paths and a leopard paces in a caged pavilion. The mistress of the house drips with jewels as she takes in the scented night air.

Sweater, INC. Dress, London Times (handed down and shortened.) Belt, Deena and Ozzy. Boots, Rampage. Earrings, Ali’s Boutique. Bag, Nicole Lee.


Beefy Muchacho said...

I like how you're imposing a specific perspective on this outfit. Like... you know it's kind of out there, so you paint a scene about Leopards and Peacocks and dripping jewels.

Well done. It doesn't hurt that you're a good writer.

As for the outfit, it grew on me as the day went on.

Unknown said...

Meow, you vixen !
Loving all of this look, epsecially the belt!

Sheila said...

Awesome "story" of the outfit. You look very regal in this - I like how you've bracketed the outfit with black at the neck and the boots.

Unknown said...

Your vision of this outfit makes sense for me and I was searching for the blue peacock as I scrolled makes sense out of chaos! Love all the pieces of this and love them all together--you go girl...Paula

Teodora said...

I love how you matched the blues in your earrings, belt and purse. My favorite, though, is the belt.


Anonymous said...

I am going to echo the comments of another commenter from a few weeks ago; I used to really love the outfits you featured on your blog. However, over the last few months, your efforts to mix patterns have toed the lines of "good taste" and you've lost me when it comes to ideas about styling. I think any truly good stylist knows that it's important to bring an editing eye to any artistic endeavor one undertakes, and that includes putting together an outfit. The last few posts haven't just toed the line of good taste, they've hopped, skipped, and jumped over that line while giving it the bird in the process.
I think you are a beautiful woman with amazing fashion sense, but I also think your latest efforts to appear edgy and fashion forward have resulted in a bit of a mess.
I urge you to bring a bit of an editorial eye to the next batch of outfits you assemble.

Advice offered without an ounce of malice,

Cassie said...

I was waiting on pins and needles for good old "anonymous" to tell you how much you let her down...alas, perhaps she's given up. As for my take, I love how out there you go, because even if it may not "work" you always make it work, it's like your super power- it's kind of awesome!

Unknown said...

I love the embellishment on this cardi, it's gorgeous!

Kasmira said...

Cassie - there's always another Anon!

Rachel said...

"I urge you to bring a bit of an editorial eye to the next batch of outfits you assemble."

Or what? You'll stop looking at her blog? Oh no!

I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I fail to understand what people try to accomplish when they post negative comments. If ya don't like her style, then don't visit here. Go to other blogs you like.

Kasmira is not going to change her style because some random "anon" doesn't like it.


Beefy Muchacho said...

I mean... I'm afraid to comment now, because it's just going to seem like I'm running to your defense, which... is hilarious to the people who know you. I get about a million times more fired up over these kinds of things than you do.

Still.. this one has me a little perplexed.

I can't say that I love every outfit you wear on it's own merits,, but the thing that I believe makes your blog readable, and makes people care is that you consistently wear whatever you've put together with confidence.

They don't see your fashion show sessions. They don't see how much thought you put in. I mean... You just did a feature on the India Room... You should do a feature on your fashion book. People will never accuse you of random dressing ever again.

The place that Anonymous is wrong, though, is when they infer that your art doesn't have merit, or is un-edited. That's simply false.

1) All art, if created sincerely, has merit.
2) If a person doesn't experience the thought you put into an outfit, they aren't in a position to determine how much editing goes into your outfits.

Oh... and the notion that there are rules to fashion as blind as "no pattern mixing" is just a fucked up, antiquated notion that has no place in an artistic world.

freeda said...

haha, Rachel cracked me up.

My eye has a hard time standing still with all the pattern, but I'd love to see a more detailed shot of that belt. Is it actually feathered or am I imagining it?

Kasmira said...

freeda - the belt is covered in feathers. You can see it a bit better in this post:

Mommy This and That said...

I for one, don't like this outfit. It just seems to busy. Does that mean I should stop reading the blog? I think everyone is entitle to their opinion and I don't believe the anon comments have been mean or with malice. They might be folks that stay on the safer side of fashion and sometimes it is hard to wrap your head around outfits that are far outside the box. Doesn't mean they should be told to get lost.

freeda said...

Gracias for the alternate view of the belt. It's quite a show-stopper!

Londyn said...

When did you buy this sweater? I really love it and want to steal it... so instead, thought I'd see if I could still just go buy it..! LOL

Kasmira said...

I got the sweater at Macy's on clearance last Feb:

I don't think you can buy it anymore. You could check ebay or just mug me for it.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the poster who said just because someone doesn't like an outfit (and tells the blogger so) doesn't mean they should be told to get lost. Why can't someone express their opinion as long as it is done constructively (i.e., without malice)? I've been reading the comments, and I don't think the "dissenters" expressed themselves in a malicious way at all. They are, in fact, just stating an opinion, which just so happens to be negative. None of us can expect everyone to like every outfit all of the time, so why all the hate? If bloggers don't like "negative" comments, they have the option not to publish them.

BTW, I really like this blog, love Kasmira's style, will continue to read her blog daily, but I, too, dislike this particular outfit. Big deal. 99% of the time, I would never write to a blogger to tell her how much I hate an outfit. Who does that? But I think what the concensus seems to be, among a few, is that over time Kasmira's outfits have gotten increasingly eccentric (which is fine), and some felt the need to comment.

- Another "Fraidy Cat" Anonymous Reader

Londyn said...

Thanks lady :) I'll admire it from afar for now, but don't wear it if we meet up b/c you may be going home shirtless (beefy can thank me later...).

As for the lately comments on style dos or don'ts, I haven't chimed in until now, but you know I think you're fabulous.

That doesn't mean I'd have the guts to wear some of what you wear or that I necessarily "get it" all the time, but that's the beauty of fashion. Make it what you will and rock it!!

As for the critisism, it sucks but also comes with putting yourself out there, so take out of it what speaks to you and let the rest slide right off. I agree that none of it seems to be said with any rudeness intended, just differing opinions on fashion overall.

Never forget what a unique and fierce fashionista you are and how many people you have inspired.

Keep it up chica!

Vanessa said...

No. 1: I adore Beefy M. What a keeper.

No. 2: I love your blog because it's never boring, never cookie-cutter and always served up with a dash of daring. It's how I want to live, and it's how I want to dress.