Saturday, January 08, 2011


I’ve never worn these legwarmers outside of dance class. Today, however, I thought the ballet pink would pair nicely with the pastel, space-dyed yarn of this cardigan.

Cardigan, Takeout. Shirt, American Eagle (thrifted). Skirt, No Boundaries (thrifted). Tights, We Love Colors. Boots, Diba. Bag, Nine West. Earrings, Claire’s.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


No Guilt Fashion said...

Love, love, love this outfit. I think the legwarmers was a great idea.
No Guilt Fashion

Kendra said...

Hey Kasmira! I haven't commented in a while, but I have surely been following (lurking, really). But I just wanted to comment to let you know the new lens that Beefy has been using is incredible. The difference it has made to the pictures is outstanding. They are much brighter, clearer, and with fabulous depth; they look professional. Good job and keep it up, you two!!

Unknown said...

Actually I wouldn't have thought they were leg warmers if you hadn't said anything, they just look like hight socks. I love the way they fit with your sweater!

Mel.J said...

I love that skirt! I don't remember seeing it before, is it a new addition?

Unknown said...

Loving the new lens !!!!
And i LOVE your style as always ;)
(i had to laugh at yesterday's post ;)
too funny !!!!!
You are so classy !
I gotta get me a "beefy" to take my photos, as R won't dare......
Maybe because I 'correct' him a bit too much?

anyhoo, there is an a surge in the appearance of 'annonymous' lately and it's great to see 'saged' bloggers reacting with such grace.
I almost hope she pops by.....
I definitely won't do a "my feelings are hurt" post again :)
You style transcends most of the 'usual' looks and that's what makes you so great.
y r interesting, fresh and a risk-taker ! All the stuff most people look for in a fashion blog!
keep on rocking, baby!

Kasmira said...

Mel J - I thrifted the skirt when I visited Denver in March 10. I have to confine wear to the colder months (with tights) because it's pleather and does NOT breathe! As you can imagine it's very uncomfortable in the humid heat.

Gosia said...

L-O-V-E this outffit !!!

punzel said...

JINX Mel J was just going to say the same thing - don't remember seeing it before but LOVE it.

Hey you US fashiony people - can you please tell me if anyone knows where I can find a gorgeous nude/ cream sleeveless top in a luxe fabric with a bit of structure. Ie a v-neck and something you can wear either by itself or as a layering piece. I've looked EVERYWHERE online but not even sure what to search for... am I looking for a tank, a cami, a blouse? I have the exact picture in my head but I can't find anything similar. Please help!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

A great look like you are still dancing!!

Jodi said...

the new lens is amazing.. your photos look so awesome.. and thanks for the idea.. I just got a great leather skirt similar to this one and this outfit gives me some good ideas for how to wear it!!
happy sunday!! xoxo J

Leslie aka "MissusSmartyPants" said...

Always a joy to see your posts!

LOVE that you show ways to wear skirts and dresses in cold weather...very inspiring to help us NOT grab for pants everyday!

Unknown said...

Love the layering and colors ofthis outfit! Great skirt.
Don't you just love warm-ups? mine from dance class finally bit the dust so I had to break down and buy a new pair. love 'um!

Maria said...

Gloves, Target

I have the same ones!!

Anonymous said...

I gotta say I thought this outfit was awesome. I thought your colors all tied into each other. I love the skirt and those boots!
- craftymom