Monday, January 31, 2011

January Purchases

Ah, January…the start of a fresh, new year and another attempt at sticking to my $100/month budget. How did I do?

1. Matisse boots in Fungi, $83.96
2. Anne Klein tights in red, $10.95

I headed to DSW with the intent of buying cognac-colored, flat, riding-style, knee-high boots. I found everything but the color in these boots. Still, I wasn’t sure that I liked them until I wore them eleven (documented*) times this month. I guess a cost per wear of $7.63 in the first month isn’t too bad for boots I still feel lukewarm about.

*I also wore them quite a bit to walk to and from work, but changed to fancier boots once inside.

Nordstrom Rack
3. Love by Design military-style cardigan, $24.97

I was looking for a cardigan that I could button and also wear as a mini-dress or tunic. Finding it in olive with bad-ass buttons was a bonus.

The Limited
4. Winter shorts! $4.19

St. Vincent de Paul
5. JMC vintage silk cocktail dress with beading, $4.49
6. Harve Benard side-button skirt, $3.37
7. Merona button-up shirt, $0.99

4th Street Boutique
8. Talbot’s red pencil skirt, $0.40
9. Allison Taylor black and white dress, $1.30

There were some SWEET deals at 4th Street.

10. Birch Hill’s bracelets, 2 x $4.94 = $9.88
11. Collection Eighteen long, green, knit gloves, $12.99

I was technically overspent after my trip to DSW and Nordstrom Rack on the 8th, but I spent just a little more on super deals at the thrift stores, The Limited, and Steinmart. January’s total: $157.49.

In February, I’m looking for a little red dress. Something bright, but appropriate for work.


JordanMayTwigs said...

For the little red dress I would suggest looking at Charlotte Russe,
They've got a bunch of cute ones on sale right now!!!


Nana Erin said...

I really think those boots are going to end up being a best buy for you in the end!~ <3

Anonymous said...

Why would you buy shoes you are not sure you like?

Sheila said...

Forty cents for that red pencil skirt?? That's such a score! How come my area's thrift stores are never below $2?

Kasmira said...

Anon - they were practical and I needed something to wear in the snow. I was ruining my other boots.

Megan G said...

Some great deals! I especially love the teal beaded dress.

Anemone said...

I love all of these looks! I'm so inspired by the way you use color, and I think it's making me bolder.

I, too, am trying to restrict myself to a $100/month budget for fashion, but I've also been trying to force myself to reassess what needs my closet has before what I just want for fun. I've found myself scoping out more consignment shops in my area looking for belts, cardigans, and other closet workhorses, with a few fun "want" items thrown into the mix.

P.S. How do you keep your boots in good shape? I'm always anxious wearing my leather boots out in the salt and slush.

Kasmira said...

Anemone - I try to only wear smooth leather shoes out in the snow (i.e. no suede and no fancy detailing). Once inside, I wipe off any salt or chemicals. I polish the boots when they start to look worn. If they're really bad, you can clean the leather with saddle soap.