Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sweaty Sunday - 7 miles

I started training for the Flying Pig Marathon last Tuesday. As I prepare for the race, I plan to take a post-run picture each Sunday.

Today, I ran an icy cold 7 miles through Mt. Airy and my ipod seemed to only shuffle through albums that began with “A” or “B."

Great form, huh?

As you can see, my running attire is not fashionable. So why post these pictures on a style blog? Because running keeps me looking good in my everyday wear.

P.S. I totally stole the “Sweaty Sunday” title from Kyla’s “Sweaty Wednesday.” Give her blog a click to alleviate my plagiarism guilt.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


lilmissmarch said...

Mt Airy, NC?!

good luck with your training! i'm starting my 10k training this week! : )

Tennille said...

Are you going to be participating in Kyla's Sweaty Wednesday challenge? I'd love to hear your goals and see you featured over there. :)

Unknown said...

I think your running attire is more fashionable than mine! Love the little skirt.
I run in my backyard, so I REALLY look a mess. that's why I run in my backyard--so I dont have to dress up! Paula

Kasmira said...

Ms. Ten - I may leave a comment over on Kyla's site. She certainly is inspirational!

lilmissmarch - Mt Airy in Cincinnati, OH. It's a very large forest surrounded by city. Awesome!

Melissa said...

Is that pink l/s top a Reebok pullover? If so, I have the same one and LOVE it! Also, gotta love the Nathan handheld :)

Good luck with your upcoming training is this your first full marathon?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your training, I hope it goes well! Right now I'm trying to get into a regular running schedule too, but I'm a cold-wimp. I'm impressed you're out running even in the snow. Way to go!

Kasmira said...

Melissa - I think the top is Reebok. I got it on super sale last spring. :) And this was my first run with a handheld waterbottle. Love it!

Fashion Flirt said...

I love your running skirt- I often run in a skirt when it gets warmer. Right now, I'm training for a half, and it is FREEZING outside in Winnipeg... My long run yesterday was in -20 (10 miles).

I'm training for a full this summer, too. Love racing. Too much fun! Can't wait for your Sweaty Sundays!

Londyn said...

That's so fabulous!! I can't believe you find a way to wear a skirt even when working out! LOL