Friday, September 30, 2011

September Purchases

St Vincent de Paul

Whenever Beefy drove past the Mt Washington St Vincent de Paul, I made little mewing noises and scratched at the window. We never stopped – either because the store was closed or because we were on a tight timeline. It tortured me to pass by that thrifting bonanza again and again.

This month, Beefy enticed me to the nearby Walton Creek Theater with the prospect of decorating The Foreigner set. I made a couple of small changes (a different rug and a different throw) and then searched the haunted basement for wall art appropriate to a fishing retreat. I came up empty. Nothing to do about that but go shopping! And so I finally got to go to the Mt Washington St Vincent de Paul.

Because we had less than an hour, Colette and I rifled through only the framed art and immediately returned to hang it. Not bad:

After being forced to paint the stage floor, Colette and I escaped the theater and returned to SVdP, where I spent a record amount on second hand clothes and accessories for myself: almost $50! (I lost my receipt, so I’m doing my best to remember prices.)

1. LS2 silk leopard-print blouse, $4.49
2. Suede and knit vest, $6.99
3. Faux Dolce & Gabbana red bag, $10.99
4. Worthington mustard shirt, $4.49

5. Carved wooden bangle, $2
6. Woven olive belt, $1
7. Scarf, $2
8. New York & Company leopard cardigan, $4.49

9. Joseph A silk animal print sweater, $4.49
10. Striped belt, $1
11. Plaid skirt, $4.49

Tristate Antique Market

12. Turquoise ring, $10 (the uppermost, and smallest, ring in the photo.

Beefy bought me the cuff (belated 2010 Valentine’s gift), so it was “free!”


I needed new sunglasses (my Betsey Johnson pair finally bit the dust) and a neutral, crushable hat for an upcoming trip.

13. Xhilaration sunglasses (olive and red), 2 x $12.99 = $25.98
14. Olive driver hat, $14.99

Night Owl Crafts

I visited Night Owl Crafts at her booth at the VitaminWater uncapped fashion show. I had a helluva time deciding between four pairs of adorable earrings. If I weren’t borrowing money to buy even one pair, I might have brought more home with me!

15. Reworked earrings, $8

September total: $105.40

Total spending for the year: $1188.36


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

You are one great thrifter. That must be an amazing thrift store. Everything you bought is great and I would've bought them too!

Sylvia said...

Amazing what you got for so little money!

Anonymous said...

Dig the leopard shirt and the JEWELS! I'm a big fan of thrifting and swapping. You can come across great finds.

Anonymous said...

Love your thrifting finds! I have never been to St. Vincent, my usual haunts include Goodwill and Valley Thrift, but it looks like I will have to add a new store to my route.

Jules said...

Slightly off topic, but I love "The Foreigner", it's one of the funniest plays I've ever seen. Too bad I'm too far away to come see it.
I haven't checked the Target selection of sunglasses in awhile, looks like I should go and see if my local store has an olive pair left. They're super cute.

Lorena said...

I love the fact that you wear your stuff right a way !
I take for.e.ver.

Rose said...

Hey! Your set looks awesome!!

Londyn said...

Love the cuff - great job Beefy!!

Tara said...

I saw The Foreigner in Milwaukee when I was 14 (1991) and I loved it. I have always wanted to see it again but it never came around.