Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Near Miss: Thai Skirt

I used to really struggle with this skirt.

My style, when I started the blog, has been classified as “vanilla.” I won’t argue. I’d say my style has been pretty plain for most of my life. But I always had an attraction to the unusual and exotic. This would occasionally manifest itself in an actual purchase, usually while traveling. Then, I’d get home, and find myself unable to incorporate the new and exciting element into my everyday wardrobe. I spent $100 on a velvet scarf in Holland and it languished in my closet. A skirt made from a sari, purchased at a flea market, went unworn for years. While in Thailand, I was mesmerized by the traditional, ankle-length, silk wrap skirts. I bought one in bright red with gold embroidery and promptly tucked it away.

I tried wearing it to work a few times, but couldn’t fathom pairing it with anything other than solid black or white. I felt overwhelmed by the bright color, flashy embroidery, and yards of fabric. (Observe my discomfort to the left!) The paperbag waist confounded my nascent layering skills. I put it “on trial” and asked my readers what I should do with it.

Most favored altering it. I’m glad I didn’t, though, because, once I learned to style this beauty, I was thankful that all of its drama was intact.

Seventeen months after the poll, I got brave enough to wear it with a khaki blazer (and a bunch of feather in my hair!) Apparently, that feat of derring-do left me exhausted. The skirt was neglected, again, until almost two years later, when my pattern mixing really took off. Suddenly, I could think of dozens of ways to style this skirt – both with contrasting patterns and unusual colors.

I haven’t had the opportunity, yet, to execute all of my outfit ideas, but I’m glad that I’ll have the chance to do so. This skirt isn’t one that got away!

P.S. Check out how Fab Gab styles her similar skirts.


fabgab said...

Great round-up! And thanks so much for the link back!

Pui said...

I love your style. The red bright color made you gorgeous. You give me idea how to combine western cloth with Thai traditional skirt .