Friday, February 24, 2012

Gainfully Employed

I had originally planned to wear the “homeless sweater” over this outfit, today. After Wednesday’s dud, though, I opted for the “gainfully employed jacket,” instead.

Jacket, Allen B. Black dress, Branna Studio San Francisco (thrifted). Green dress and shoes, Mossimo. Belt, thrifted. Tights, We Love Colors. Bag, D&G knockoff (thrifted). Brooch, thrifted.

Actually, I guess the "gainfully employed jacket" would be some sort of sharp, business-like blazer. I tried one of those on, but it looked too at odds with the playful vibe of the rest of the outfit. This topper might not be typical business wear, but it kept me warm and has interesting lines. I'm glad I had saved some room in my capsule!


STAshworth said...

We have seen this dress many times, but this is by far my favorite deployment of it. The tights and the red accents rock!

Anonymous said...

I really like the dress layering here, and the color effects of the whole outfit. Can you tell me what color the We Love Colors tights are, please? And are they the microfiber or the nylon? They so often look different when they arrive in the mail from what's shown on the site. Thank you!


Kasmira said...

N - I'm wearing the microfiber tights in Olive. It's one of my fave WLC shades.

Unknown said...

We are shoe buddies, now! Though mine have a black stilletto :)
I am growing up!
Maybe in April we can go to Gabriel Brothers!

My Own Fairytale said...

Wow this is sooo beautiful!
The tiger shoes are so cool with the green tights and the rest of your outfit. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow--I love this!!! That dress is really versatile!!!
HMMM-olive green and leopard--I've never considrerd that combo!
you certainly expand my horizons!