Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Dog Birthday

Jasper is a year old, today! We spent the entire day together. We started with a walk in Old Town. Next, we went to the airport to return his favorite aunt to Denver (sad face). Then, we visited a new dog park, Carmichael’s Canine Corral, where Jasper made friends with a pup named Honey. Finally, we rambled along the river sniffing dead salmon, splashing in the water, and catching the frisbee. (I was tossing the frisbee in between shots.)

Shirt, Mossimo (thrifted). Skirt, American Eagle (thrifted). Tights, We Love Colors. Socks, Sock Dreams. Boots, Vince Camuto. Earrings, California State Fair. Scarf and backpack, consignment.

Jasper had such a great day. Here he is playing with his new friend, Honey:

Now that Jasper is “all grown up,” he has his own instagram. You can follow him at jasper_the_bordercollie.


Laura who? said...

I really do just love this blog. Your outfits are great. Such elaborate accessorizing but always without looking over thought. I'm hoping to incorporate some of your ideas (in my own way) into my very unaccessorized life! (And I have a soft spot for border collies with two living under my roof).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jasper! He's such a cute boy, and looks like he just really enjoys life!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jasper!!!
sp :)

Di said...

Great outfit and thrift finds. And what a wonderful dog mom you are-Jasper looks like he had an excellent, excellent birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Jasper! My pup Henry turns one this month as well.