Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Purchases

I was a big spender in 2013. I was dressing for a new climate and a new job, so some new garments were in order. My shopping habits changed, too. I spent more at boutiques and consignment shops and less at the thrift store. In 2014, I hope to thrift more clothing, but continue to buy fancy shoes.


I love my heels, but I occasionally need to wear dressy flats. My red pair (bought on New Year’s Eve 2006!) are looking pretty shabby. I had originally spied this black/white pair of flats this summer at DSW, but I’m glad I waited to buy them on sale!

1. BCBG Paris flats, $26.64


I love the slim cut, contrast sleeves, and elbow patches on this sweet blazer.

2. Love Tree Blazer, $49.00


Confession: I bought this in November. On Black Friday. But I didn’t get to wear it and photograph it until December.

3. Chaps red and black plaid sweater, $64.35

French Cuffs

Is this a dress or a sleeveless coat? Either way, it’s perfect for Sacramento’s winter.

4. Rugby Ralph Lauren tweed dress, $31.50

Mercer Place

I love this knit, wool blazer. It’s warm, stretchy, flattering, and goes with everything.

5. Diane Von Furstenberg knit blazer, $56.25

Nordstrom Rack

Total score:

6. Theory silk dress, gift card!

Canvas Boutique

Brianna, look away. This is the same scarf that I bought for you.

6. Faux Missoni infinity scarf, $28.00


My one thrifted item in December.

7. Floral belt, $1.50

December total: $257.24

Total spending for the year: $2521.25

Remaining 2013 budget: -$1081.25.

Here’s hoping that 2014’s clothing budget won’t be such a joke!


Anonymous said...

Considering the new job and new climate, I don't think you did too bad. Given how you'll mix and match, the cost per wear will be very good! Plus you got some nice items that look great on you. :)


Lorena said...

It is a lot, but i think the reason is totally valid - the question is, what is the 2014 budget ? Also, how do you calculate it ?