Sunday, December 08, 2013

American River

I never would have imagined that I would absolutely love living near the American River. The Ohio, in Cincinnati, didn’t offer nearly as many recreation opportunities as the American River does in Sacramento. Jasper splashes in it and retrieves sticks. We run along its dirt paths. It teems with wildlife; the bird watching is spectacular. I make friends with the hobos, dog owners, fisherman, and wildlife enthusiasts along its banks. And I pull into one of the river access lots at least once a week to park my car, venture off a bit, and take my outfit photos. The American River is one of my favorite Sacramento attractions, and it’s only a little over a mile from my house.

Vest, Urban Vibe. Tunic, Wet Seal (thrifted). Sweater, Joseph A (thrifted). Leggings, We Love Colors. Boots, Vince Camuto. Sunglasses, Girlprops. Earrings, Three Rivers Mall. Collar, heirloom.

Instagrams from the American River:

As you can see, I enjoy the urban elements of the riverfront, as well.


DressUpNotDown said...

This is the perfect outfit for the perfect location.

Lola said...

Outfit = one for the books!!! So fun and textured and wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in this outfit! You look warm and cozy for a day at the river.


Lorena said...

Its also a magnficent place to take pictures. WOW.