Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brought to You by Cotton

This post is not sponsored by cotton, but it may as well be. When it’s this hot, natural fibers are my friend.

Shirt, Forever 21. Skirt, Andre Oliver. Shoes, Enzo Angiolini. Sunglasses, Target. Necklace, Zad. Purse, Caprice (vintage and thrifted).


Angie said...

This shirt seems to be of great color and a great match to the b/w skirt. Is it denim?

Kasmira said...

It's lighter than denim - maybe chambray?

DressUpNotDown said...

I check the fiber content on clothes labels before I check the size. :o) I hate falling in love with something then reading "polyester". I have much better luck finding natural fibers when thrifting.