Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Purchases

According to my budget, 2014 is already winding down! Aw, well, I need to save money for a new puppy (fingers crossed!), anyway.

Eco Thrift

1. Tinseltown denim vest, $9.98.

It’s been too hot in Sacramento to wear this much, but I plan to layer it over all of my casual outfits once it cools off.

TJ Maxx

2. Willi Smith ikat trousers, $29.99.

I bought these so I’d have a workwear option on hot, hairy-leg days.


3. Leather biker jacket, $99.99.

Total impulse buy. But I didn’t have a BROWN leather jacket. Just a black one (faux), a teal one (faux), and an olive one.

Garage sale

4. Anne Klein red envelope purse, $1.00.

Forever 21

5. Plaid tunic, $15.80

My 90’s obsession continues. Now if I could only find a plaid flannel shirt with an attached, waffle weave hood.


6. Rugby fit and flare dress,, $47.97.

In anticipation of an evening, outdoor wedding in Boulder (wearing cowboy boots), I began my search for an appropriate dress months ago. I thought my request was simple: long sleeves, fit and flare shape, above the knee length, natural fibers. I couldn’t find a single dress that met these requirements. I finally gave up on the sleeves and started searching for a dress that I could layer a shirt beneath.

Kendi wore this dress, in blush and white stripes, so I clicked over to the Gap website from her blog. I was excited to see it also came in black and white and was 64% cotton, but the dress looked TERRIBLE on the model. I would never have considered it except that it looked so cute on Kendi. I found the dress at a local store to check out in person.

I quickly discovered why it looked so bad on the model . . . the sizing is huge. I’m wearing a size 2 and I maybe should have bought a 0, but I wanted to leave space to layer underneath. According to Gap’s own size chart, my 27 inch waist puts me in a size 6 dress. Those poor models online, with their 24 inch waists, were simply swimming in the sample size.

So, although I eventually found a dress I liked for the event, the experience left me pissed off at the lack of cocktail dresses with sleeves, the prevalence of polyester, and ridiculous vanity sizing. First world problems.

July total: $204.73

Total spending for the year: $1291.49

Remaining 2014 budget: $508.51.

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Lorena said...

You just reminded me that I had a shopping budget for the year :/
Oh and I think your AK red bag for a dollar was a total win !