Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dog Is My Copilot

Beefy’s out of town, so it’s been just me and dog for the past few days. On Saturday, he even accompanied me on a sales call. (And did unexpectedly well when a fully-made up clown showed up in the back room where we were taking inventory.)

Shirt, Nollie (thrifted). Dress, Mossimo. Shoes, Seychelles (thrifted). Sunglasses, Girlprops. Earrings, Cuffs. Bag, Nine West.

I would finish this entry with a buddy shot of me and Jasper, but a dozen tries yielded nothing but out-of-focus photos or pictures where I seemed to be strangling the dog. So you just get a glamour shot of me, instead.


DressUpNotDown said...

I keep thinking how in tune with nature you look. Blue sky on top, green grass on bottom, brown dirt below. Unless that plaid is Purple, in which case you look in tune with nature on an alien planet! :o)

I once tried to take a photo with one of our yeah, I know what you mean about the "strangling pose".


Lorena said...

That last picture of you is absolutely spectacular !
Your eyes, hair and lipstick look marvellous.

maryeb said...

Jasper sounds like a wonderful copilot. And I agree with Lorena, you look fabulous. Beefy is missing out!

BamaCarol said...

Jasper is a good dog! If I had seen a clown I would have freaked out and run screaming from the room. Obviously some left over childhood issues to work through. The last picture is lovely!