Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Purchases

I bought a few big ticket items this month.


1. Ella Moss Marigold Print Silk Dress, $158.90.

A long-sleeved silk dress is a 4-season garment for me. It’s light as air in the summer and easily layered in the winter.


You can find these boots cheaper online. I paid for the experience of discovering them in a genuine Western store in a genuine Western town (Denver) and delighting in the sales associate’s offer to ship them to my house for free.

2. Ariat Dahlia Dainty boots in Brown, $199.00.

September total: $357.90

Total spending for the year: $1649.39

Remaining 2014 budget: $150.61

Will I make it? (Probably not.)


Anonymous said...

I've been known to pay for the experience too. And to make sure I get the right fit, see all my options, etc.

Question: When you get new items, do you have a "rule" about getting rid of old items or something else you do?

I'm finding that my closet and drawers are getting very full with all the great finds I've been making lately, so curious what others do to avoid being overwhelmed and making everything fit the given spaces.

Kasmira said...

It's sort of a space rule. If there aren't enough hangers or shoe slots open, I dump something old in the donation bin before I put the new item away. And I refuse to buy more hangers! :)