Thursday, January 21, 2016


On Tuesday evening, I checked into the Marriott and entered room 711, to find it was already occupied! I opened the door, saw someone else’s bag parked at the end of the bed, and beat a hasty retreat to the front desk. After an apology, I was upgraded to a balcony room. Of course, I was thrilled, because balconies are great for outfit photos!

My Wednesday pics were taken at noon (during our lunch break) on my private patio, overlooking the pool. Thursday morning, I was looking forward to a repeat photo session, but the balcony next to mine was occupied and I was too shy to brazenly pose six feet from my rumpled, coffee-sipping, cigarette-smoking, male neighbor.

Sweater, thrifted. Dress, Parker (consignment). Tights, gift. Boots, Sofft (consignment). Earrings, Cuffs. Scarf, Canvas Boutique. Bag, Mondani.

After a long day of meetings and waiting for an 8:50 pm flight home, I had an entirely different level of “give a fuck” going on:

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Lorena said...

OMG ! at least it was not as bad as a friend of mine's experience, she walked into an elderly couple having sex at the Interncontinental and she did not get an upgrade !