Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Big Sunglasses

Ah, how I “heart” sunglasses. They prevent squinting AND look chic. I remember hearing about tinted eye drops* being developed to make sunglasses obsolete. But how could a murky brown film compete with the glamour of a pair of shades?

Jacket, Chaps. Dress, Parker. Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren. Sunglasses, Target. Scarf, consignment.

The downside to big glasses is they seem way more likely to get scratched when thrown into the jumbled interior of my purse. If you are a lady in a mural, big glasses may be more likely to be tagged by a graffitist.

*Trying to find info on these alleged tinted drops took me down an internet rabbit hole that ended with a procedure that allows one to permanently change one’s eye color! I got so excited (and horrified) by this that I completely abandoned this blog entry until the next day.


Anna's Island Style said...

OK, hand over that plaid jacket and no-one will get hurt! Don't know if you venture further afield, but plaid (aka tartan to us Scots) is one of my many vices. Next time you wear this I'll be round with my heavies to steal it off your back. Am in fact weak with envy. Do you have a waiting list I could add my name too?
Anna x
Anna's Island Style

C Lo said...

ah! I just saw those boots at Macys the other day and I was DYING.