Thursday, January 14, 2016

Polished Pink

I never would have imagined that pink hair could be anything but punk. But it can also be pretty or even polished. I doubt it would fly in a corporate environment, though. Or would it . . . ?

Jacket, BCBG Max Azria (consignment). Tweed dress, Rugby Ralph Lauren. Leopard dress (worn underneath), Parker. Tights, Me Moi. Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren. Collar, vintage heirloom.

I’m hoping the hair gives me some street cred with the fellow students in my motorcycle safety course. I’m one of only two women and definitely the oldest and femme-ist in the class. I feel like someone’s lame, unwanted mom.

Of course, I have a pink highlighter!


Sheila said...

I work for a global IT company and I have bright purple/magenta hair (and visible tattoos). I checked with my boss and HR before I did the hair, and I've had nothing but good reactions from management (right up to the VP for western Canada), clients and coworkers. My stock answer for any side-eyes or comments about my hair is, "Life is short, why not purple hair?"

Like you, I have a classic cut that is always polished, and my clothes (although bright) are always tasteful and not shabby. I also keep my colour up, and don't let it grow out too far before I re-colour. I see a lot of really crappy colour on the street, and it can really look bad when it's paired with a lot of regrowth and a neglected style.

I personally LOVE your pale pink hair - it really suits you. You look classy, quirky and stylish, professional and rarely pass into the "weird" category (I strive for all of that, myself, including the weird, hee hee). It takes a bit of getting used to, having an unusual hair colour, but I like that I don't look like everyone else. Keep on rockin' your style! Oh, and good luck with your course!

DressUpNotDown said...

Your eye makeup is up-ing the polished factor by more than a few notches! And that collar!!!! I'm swooning, can ya tell? :o)

Anna's Island Style said...

Sheila and you both rock your hair colour. It's wonderful to express yourself through your hair colour and as Sheila says as long as it's kept in good knick, why not?
Today's outfit is so elegant, but young and fresh too - very clever. Love the tweed dress in particular x
Anna's Island Style