Thursday, May 12, 2016


There is something about the denim/chambray shirt dress that just looks institutional on me. I suppose the flat, laceless shoes and shaved head don’t help. Take my belt away and lock me up!

Dress, American Rag (consignment). Belt, thrifted. Shoes, Ferragamo (thrifted). Sunglasses, Coco Sunglasses. Earrings, flea market. Bag, Nordstrom Rack.

Jokes aside, I take my mental health very seriously. One of these days I’m going to finally become a regular meditator. In the meantime, time outdoors is my panacea. I run, walk, swim, hike, take photos or just water the plants in the backyard and hit the “reset” button on my troubled mind. I really enjoy watering in the morning, after our run. The dogs are calm. The air is cool. I can take a moment to wonder at the water droplets held in the curve of an elephant ear leaf.


C said...

watering plants- find that soothing....the shaved scalp- not so much.
I will never be ready for that.

Beth said...

I love your plant pic. Also, the hair looks great. :-)