Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Once a Week

Should I be embarrassed to admit that I’ve joined the ranks of once-a-week hair washers? I rinse and condition almost every day, but shampoo as little as possible to preserve my color. On bad hair days, dry shampoo and a hat are my best friends!

Hat, Free Press. Jacket, Xhilaration (thrifted). Dress, Diane von Furstenberg (consignment). Boots, Vince Camuto (consignment). Sunglasses, Coco Sunglasses. Necklace, Taneesi. Bag, Nordstrom Rack.

Do you know what else I do once a week? Dog agility classes! Okay, it’s twice a week, but once a week per dog. Tuesdays are for Jasper.


Anonymous said...

Shampooing only once a week has saved my hair! I've got curls and color, and can't imagine going back. Have you ever looked into CO (conditioner) washing? You rub in a thinner conditioner without silicones (cheap Suave, VO5, etc) in at the scalp with fingertips, and it loosens the oils, dirt, etc and then you rinse, rinse, rinse it all out and condition as normal if you need to. I do that between shampoos when my hair is feeling gunky. They even make "washing conditioners" now, but the cheap stuff works just fine for me.

Love the hat, BTW! And now that I see one can successfully mix brown and black, I've got some wardrobe planning to do! :)


Kasmira said...

J - when I shower, but don't shampoo, I give myself a vigorous scalp massage before and after applying a mask (I use the heaviest stuff possible) to loosen oils, dirt, and product. That seems to work well enough between shampoos!

Lorena said...

Of course not. Because I'd have to be embarrassed too.
Specially every time I get henna colouring... I stretch it out. Today its been a week and a day. SO PROUD. NOT.