Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Car Smell

I arrived at the Subaru dealership on Sunday morning and realized I had never bought a car (in the US). My first car was a Subaru Impreza wagon that my stepdad bought for me after graduating college. That car stayed with my sister when I moved overseas with the Marines. In Japan, I bought two or three used cars from other servicemembers. The salt air and hard use guaranteed that those vehicles never lasted long. I returned to the US, repossessed my Impreza, and drove it until the repairs finally cost more than the car’s worth. I was carless until I moved to California and began driving a company car. At age 40, I walked into a dealership for the first time with the intent of purchasing a vehicle.

Shirt, Mossimo. Tank, Old Navy. Skirt, Forever 21 (thrifted). Shoes, Toms. Sunglasses, Coco Sunglasses. Bag, vintage.

It’s a Crosstrek and is going to be awesome on the rough roads to trailheads.

My first Subaru:


Sheila said...

Congrats on the car! Like everything else, it looks fabulous on you. ;-P

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the car! Did you wear the outfit to match it? Or was that just a coincidence?


Kasmira said...

I think I bought the car to match my wardrobe! It's a dark gray that should go with all my outfits.

Anonymous said...

The car looks kind of blue in that lighting. So I thought maybe that's why you were wearing blue too. Funny how light can affect colors!

Still a nice car, though! And I'm sure you'll look good in it no matter what you're wearing.


Lorena said...

Oh wow congrats Kasmira !
You're looking as ravishing as the new car.
I've never purchased new car either...

Unknown said...

Hey, congrats on the new purchase and experiencing the joys of car ownership! I love the new car smell of my Crosstrek too!!! Those pictures that you had taken were amazing. It looks like you chose the color of the car to match that cute outfit you are wearing. Love the backdrop in all those pictures too.

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru